About The Initiative

Over the past few generations, this country has changed dramatically. We’ve engineered physical activity out of our daily lives and, to a large extent, removed it from our schools. Unhealthy foods are being sold in larger portion sizes and at lower prices while it remains difficult for many families to buy healthy, affordable foods and beverages.

In short, we’ve created a culture in which the healthiest choice isn’t always the easiest one, and that culture is having an impact on our kids. To reverse this, we must ensure that the places where our children live, learn, and play make the healthy choice the norm and not the exception.

We’re calling for change. Will you add your voice?

Our work will unite the voices of moms, dads, sisters, and brothers in communities across America. The changes inspired by these voices will be backed by the best science and amplified by the leadership and resources of the American Heart Association and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, as well as the expertise and skills of a vast network of our nation’s leading advocacy organizations.

Voices for Healthy Kids aims to help make each day healthier for all children. To succeed, we need involvement at every level, from collaborations with national organizations and grassroots groups to individual participation.

Our Progress


Voices for Healthy Kids has released its 2018 Progress Report. The report highlights five years of progress in the advocacy movement, including policy wins and a behind-the-scenes look at campaigns to increase health equity, improve access to healthy foods and physical activity, and improve the places where families live, learn, work, and play.

Explore the report.