Healthier Food Choices in Public Places in Louisiana and Savannah, GA

July 6, 2017
in Procurement

The state of Louisiana has just passed healthy vending standards on State-owned property. Governor John Bel Edwards has signed Executive Order 17-15, which will require all vending machines to meet nutrition standards. Currently, the state is ranked as the least healthy in the nation by America’s Health Rankings annual report on public health. Leaders hope this new vending policy will help increase access to healthy foods and improve the health of the state.

Similarly, in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, Parish-owned buildings and facilities will now offer healthier vending, cafeteria, and concession options and healthier items at meetings and events from a newly-passed healthier food choices for public places policy. The new guidelines require nutrition labeling that shows calorie content of items. The policy will help ensure Parish employees and visitors to public properties have access to healthier options.

Also, we have news coming out of Savannah, Georgia. The city has passed a policy to make food offered on City-owned building and facilities healthier, including vending machines, cafeterias, concession stands, and meetings. Nutrition labeling is required on items, as well as limits on calories, sodium, sugars, trans fat, and saturated fat. Additionally, at least 50% of beverages must be water, milk, or 100% juice.

Congratulations to all involved and to the advocates who are working to improve the health across their communities!