New Restaurant Serves Healthy Meals With Prices Based On The Neighborhood


August 31, 2016
in Kids' Meals

A new restaurant chain opening their first location in South L.A. this Saturday will offer healthy, grab-and-go meals. And depending on what neighborhood the store calls home, the meals will cost different prices.

Everytable was founded by Sam Polk and David Foster. Polk previously founded Groceryships, which helps provide food and culinary education to families. They will open their first location at 1101 West 23rd Street in South L.A. on Saturday, July 30. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., visitors will receive free food, and there will also be live music and activities for children. Soon, Everytable will open a second location on Flower St. near the 7th Street/Metro Center.

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