Philadelphia Council Passes Sweet Drink Tax

NBC News

July 26, 2016
in Sugary Drinks

The Philadelphia City Council approved a tax on sweet drinks Thursday, becoming the first major city in the country to pass such a levy and overcoming a multi-million dollar campaign by the beverage industry to oppose it.

The 1.5 cent-an-ounce tax affects both sugar-sweetened and artificially sweetened diet drinks. The council and Mayor Jim Kenney framed it as a way to raise revenue, but health advocates have pushed for years for soda taxes to help fight obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

“We want to expand pre-K to 10,000 slots in the next four years, we want to create 25 community schools within our neighborhoods to that people can go to the schools and get the services they need for their kids, both medical , social, psychological and other types of job training and educational opportunities for adults,” Kenney told NBC News.

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