Success Stories

Florida’s Law Requiring Transportation Planning Include Bicycle and Pedestrian Considerations

Complete Streets

Florida planners work to create streets that are safe for all users

In order to facilitate the implementation of a complete streets law, the Florida network worked with Florida’s Regional Planning Councils, with the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council taking the lead, to incorporate policies that support street-scale improvements around schools. The Florida network’s complete streets action team convened in December 2010, and met with representatives from the Florida Regional Planning Councils on January 10, 2011, to promote the inclusion of street-scale improvements and Safe Routes to School policies into the Strategic Regional Policy Plans.

The Florida network also identified Florida’s Metropolitan Planning Councils as another powerful governmental entity that can implement the statute, and began working with the Florida Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council in 2010.

The Council’s Governing Board approved a resolution in July 2010 that “supports the due consideration of bicycle and pedestrian accommodation on all transportation projects built or maintained in the State of Florida.”

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