Vote for healthy vending choices in MD.

The Baltimore Sun

April 21, 2016
in Procurement

Earlier this month, I visited the Maryland House of Delegates, speaking to local legislators about our proposed legislation — the Maryland Healthy Vending Act.

After several hours of speaking to decision makers, I headed into the public lounge in the state delegates’ building to find a healthy snack and found little choice. What I did find in the vending machines were candy bars, peanut butter cups, microwave popcorn, assorted chips, cookies and gummy worms. The closest thing I could find to a healthy choice was a granola bar. For anyone looking to satisfy their hunger and stick to a healthy diet at the offices of our state leaders, the options are extremely limited, to say the least. Lawmakers, their staff and visitors shouldn’t have to make the choice between staying hungry and eating a whole day’s worth of sugar, salt and fat in one small package.

Sadly, this vending machine is much more the rule than it is the exception. To continue reading, click here.